Born and raised in Las Vegas went to private catholic school, St.Anne grade school and Bishop Gorman High school, I was not a fan of school got bad grades, my dad as punishment made me work at the restaurant during summers and weekends as a silverware cleaner but due to that punishment I fell in love with it, loved the craziness of when it was busy and loved to see my dad work and the passion and vision he had and knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life, later on I worked as a hostess, cashier, busser, and prep cook making all the main salsas I had the pleasure and luck that my grandma “Mama Chelo” thought me all her recipes and techniques, during this time I went to culinary school for two years to improve my cooking skills, I also started training as manager in the evenings and weekends then became a full time manager then general manager now I run it with the help of my amazing managers and team. My life is pretty much been Lindo but besides the restaurant my other loves and passions are Nu Metal music, The Simpson’s (classic episodes seasons 1-9 and some episodes in season 10 but thats it! ) and being a dog mom to my two boys (Serj and Zeppelin “Zeppy”).